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Colonization and Emigration
Colonization and Emigration
Nemata Blyden, George Washington University
"The Relations and Duties of Free Colored Men in America to Africa"
from The Future of Africa; Being Addresses, Sermons etc.,etc., Delivered in the Republic of Liberia
Alexander Crummell
Scribner (New York, 1862)
Colonization of Free People of Colour
(Washington D.C., 1827)
The Providence African Society's Sierra Leone Emigration Scheme, 1794-1795: Prologue to the African Colonization Movement
from The International Journal of African Historical Studies, Vol. 7, no. 2 (1974)
George E. Brooks, Jr.
Chapter 1 - "Beloved Africans (1787-1830)"
from Speak Out in Thunder Tones: Letters and Other Writings by Black Northerners, 1787-1865
Dorothy Sterling
Doubleday (Garden City, N.Y., 1973)
Memoir of Captain Paul Cuffee, A Man of Colour: To Which is Subjoined The Epistle of the Society of Sierra Leone in Africa, &c.
Paul Cuffee
C. Peacock for W. Alexander and sold by Him; London: sold also by Darton, Harvey and Co. and W. Phillips (York, 1811)
Journal of Daniel Coker: A Descendant of Africa, from the Time of Leaving New York, in the Ship Elizabeth, Capt. Sebor, on a Voyage from Sherbro, in Africa, in Company with Three Agents, and About Nin...
Daniel Coker
Published by Edward J. Coale, in aid of the funds of the Maryland Auxiliary Colonization Society (Baltimore, 1820)
Abstract of a Journal Kept by E. Bacon, Assistant Agent of the United States, to Africa: With an Appendix, Containing Extracts from the North American Review, on the Subject of Africa, Containing Cuts...
Ephraim Bacon
Clark & Raser, Printers (Philadelphia, 1824)
Report of the Secretary of State, communicating the report of the Rev. R. R. Gurley, who was recently sent out by the government to obtain information in respect to Liberia. September 14, 1850. Read. ...
United States Department of State (Washington D.C., September 14, 1850)
An Address to the Free People of Color of the State of Maryland By James Hall, General Agent of the Maryland State Colonization Society
James Hall
Printed by John D. Toy (Baltimore, 1859)
Election of Slaves to go to Liberia, Dec. 16, 1847
Liberian Letters: Samson Ceasar to Henry F. Westfall 1835 August 3 and Saunders A. Campion for George Walker, et al, to Dr. James H. Minor 1857 March 5
Samson Ceasar and Saunders A. Campion
Interview with Anna Jones
from Florida Narratives, Volume 3
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
Prepared by the Federal Writers' Project (Washington D.C.)
Interview with Tom Windham
from Arkansas Narratives, Volume 2, Part 7
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
Prepared by the Federal Writers' Project (Washington D.C.)
Interview with Will Ann Rogers
from Arkansas Narratives
Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938
Prepared by the Federal Writers' Project (Washington D.C.)
Chief Sam's African Movement and Race Consciousness in West Africa
from Phylon, vol. 32, no. 2 (Second quarter, 1971)
J. Ayo Langley
Correspondence Relative to the Emigration to Hayti, of the Free People of Colour in the United States. Together with the Instructions to the Agent Sent Out by President Boyer.
Loring Daniel Dewey
Printed by M. Day (New York, 1824)
Report from Hayti
from African Repository and Colonial Journal, Vol. 5 (April 1829)
Marriage License and Naturalization Documents of American Migrants to Haiti
from Williamson Papers
A Merging of Two Cultures: The Afro-Hispanic Immigrants of Samana, Dominican Republic
from Afro-Hispanic Review, vol. 8, nos. 1 & 2 (January and May 1989)
E. Valerie Smith
A Guide to Hayti
Thayer & Eldridge (Boston, 1860)
Thoughts on Hayti
from The Anglo-African Magazine, vol.1, no.10 (October 1859) and vol.1, no.11 (November 1859)
Holly, Theodore
Some Plans for Colonizing Liberated Negro Slaves in Hispanic America
from The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 11, no. 1 (January 1926)
N. Cleven and N. Andrew
The Origins of the Merikens, the African Americans Who Settled Trinidad's Company Villages in 1816
John McNish Weiss
Report of Messers. Peck and Price, Who Were Appointed at a Meeting of The Free Colored People of Baltimore
Nathaniel Peck
Printed by Woods & Crane; Reprinted by C. Richards (Baltimore, London, 1840)
"A Negro Colonization Project in Mexico, 1895
from The Journal of Negro History, Vol. 6, no. 1 (January 1921)
J. Fred Rippy
Memoirs of Boston King
from The Methodist Magazine
Boston King
Leeds, England
Chapter 7 - "The Ongoing Struggle"
from Deemed Unsuitable
R. Bruce Shepard
Umbrella Press (Toronto, 1997)
Chapter 11 - "Source of Strength? - The Church"
from The Blacks in Canada: A History
Robin W. Winks
MCGill-Queen's University Press (Montreal, 1971)
Henry Highland Garnet
from Journal of Negro History, vol. 13, no. 1 (January 1928)
William M. Brewer
The Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the Colored People of The United States, Politically Considered
Martin Robison Delany
The Author (Philadelphia, 1852)
The Liberian Exodus. An Account of Voyage of the First Emigrants in the Bark “Azor,” and Their Reception at Monrovia, with a Description of Liberia—Its Customs and Civilization, Romances and Prospects...
Williams, Alfred Brockenbrough, 1856-1930
The News and Courier Book Presses (Charleston, S. C., 1878)
Part III - " The Republic of Liberia and The Universal Negro Improvement Association"
from Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, vol. 2
Marcus Garvey and Amy Jacques-Garvey, editor
The Universal Publishing House
Two Marcus Garvey Letters
Marcus Garvey
Liberia and the Universal Negro Improvement Association: The Background to the Abortion of Garvey's Scheme for African Colonization
from The Journal of African History, Vol. 14, no. 1 (1973)
M.B. Akpan/Abasiattai
Two Black Star Line Letters and Shares
Letters related to the Black Star Line Inc. and a bill of sale for USS Wacondah
Liberian Exploration Co. Document
African Nationalist League Document
Five letters from the William Alpaeus Hunton Papers
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